Touchgrind BMX App Reviews

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Same person but please ad

Please ad free roam pretty please can you add free roam I would love to have free roam

Good but...

So this game is really good and it got me into biking more! But the thing is how unrealistic it Im going to do a backflip and I land on one wheel but I crash but you wont crash like that in real life! One time I did a fronts pin and landed perfectly on both wheels but still crashed! Even without any obstacles around me! So plz fix this!

Doesnt register

When you do a trick it doesnt turn or tail whip like you want it to

Good quality game

I am too lazy to write a long review, I simply want to say that this game is worth buying. I am enjoying it to its fullest, and Im not even into bicycling irl :)

Could definitely be better

Guys this app has been the exact same for so long now Ive gone from my iPhone 4 and having this game to having my iPhone 7 and seriously its been years and it hasnt been changed. You have the perfect control set up just! And tricks! Just put it into a whole freestyle BMX park and be able to "Freestyle" the entire park!

Worst game a scam

This is a scam the bike is so hard to control btw the entire game is a road like what the heck and their are dumb invisible wall and stupid stuff that is in your way every hafe a second tricks are to hard and you can not even see the bike cuss it says put two fingers on the bike then you cant see the screen DOUNT BUY IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!


Its amazing I wish there was a free ride mode like ride around free like touchgrind skate

Great game

So fun I wish there was more maps to unlock but it was all worth the money

I kinda like it but...

This game is, but I have some ideas you might want to consider. 1. We need more levels, I got this game about 1 week ago and I have all the levels. 2. Make challenges a little easier or make bikes less adrenaline. 3. Make customizable bikes, give a few different base design options then we can color it etc. I love this game so just give these ideas a chance please and thanks.

Worth it

A little glitchy, but extremely addicting once I got used to the controls! Purchasing this game for sure.

Touch grind bmx 2

I really like this game but I wish it had the open freedom that touch grind 2 has. Im not a huge fan of the one direction tracks. I guarantee that if a touch grind bmx 2 is made with the open exploration and parks like touch grind 2 I for one would buy it in an instant.


Im trying to get a lot of adrenaline by doing a lot of flips and i dont mess up but it says I didnt but otherwise its fun


Make it so you can land backwards and then a maneuver to turn it back around

Good Parts and Bad Parts

This app is fun and good if youre looking to kill some time, but the game crashes frequently and sometimes even when a trick is done correctly, it says youve done some other trick. One other flaw is that it tells me to do some trick on every jump. The game says there is ten jumps when really, theres only eight jumps in total. Hmmm. Let me think. Definitely a 3 star.

Love it

Great game, epic graphics and gameplay would recommend to all.

Good but why no grind

I like it but if we could grind That would be better Thats why you named it "Touchgrind bmx"

One of the most underrated games

This is truly one of the best iOS games I have played in a long time. But it never gets updates, I think a great idea is a create a course. It is just an idea, but if you add it into the game I think the community would be a little bit more interested in the game.


This game is poorly optimized on iPod. Most of the tricks I do like a tail whip barely registers at all causing me to crash and lose my multiplier.please fix because I paid 5$


I love this game but I got it for my iPhone and it doesnt work for the iPhone it only works for the iPad and so Im asking for a refund plz thank you

Like it but

This game is really fun but you guys should make a scooter one to(PLEASE)

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