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Terrible game 0 out of 10

in the pier there is not 10 jumps there is 8 jumps


Waste of $5 the second one is so much better

iPhone X

Update for iPhone X come on now don’t be greedy cause you released touch grind 2


When you die its so annoying that your miltiplier goes back to one,so when you die can you keep the multiplier

I got robbed

I purchased the game but then my phone died during download so when it was alive it took my money and it try to make me pay again plz someone notice this and give me a refund.

iPhone X

The game is great but I want you guys to add iPhone X support so I can play it full screen.


It’s pretty swag

Great game

I love this game😁

Pretty Nice

I like the whole concept of the game, but some of the levels are long and hard. I also wish there where more ways to get adrenaline points. Other than that I think the game is awesome

Fun but has bugs

Some of the challenges won’t work for example I have one done where I do the whole map in full speed and not crashes but not we’re you do the map without crashing

I thought it was a free style game

So I asked my dad to buy the game and he did I was happy but. When I went on the game I said where’s free style then i kinda regret buying the game creators if u are reading my review pls add free free style

Not compatible with iPhone X



It is entertaining for minutes than it loses its charm. I want my money back! Definitely not worth $5!

I like it but...

The game is fun, but designers, please but the option to mute all of the sound so that I can listen to music, and not hear the sound effects of the bike! I would always rather listening to my OWN music, and not your music/sound effects. Otherwise the game is great, and is very calming! The other thing is please make it easier to get to higher levels because I’m stuck in Tokyo, and I’m having trouble doing your challenges.

Contemplating? Read this

It’s alright. As it says, it was one of the best games IN 2011. So it’s old. It would be better if they kept up with it and made new maps. It’s worth a go. It’s fun enough to download.


But make a touchgring BMX 2


It is good but be warned people that are thinking this is a free play game it is not

Good but it need more levels

Good but it need more levels

Yo make a new game already tf

Y'all want money make a new touch grind BMX touchgrind skate trash

More updates

Please add more updates

Love this gammeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is so amazing and I wish this game had 84 stars because I would give this game 84stars

This is not worth is

There are way too many invisible walls I bought this game with the last bit of my money could've bought one of their other games like touch grind skate game thing The game is way better this company is still good but they need to touch up on this game

No iCloud! And so many bugs on iPhone 6 and 6s

Why do I got to lose all my data i just don't understand !! It's been two years just add the iCloud support already... And while you're at it new iPhone screens are not for the optimize. Until those is issues have been fixed I recommend not to pay a premium price.

more levels please

great game, have beaten/deleted/redownloaded many times. more levels please

Not that good

How can I get my money back



Not worth 4.99

I downloaded the app after watching the video and I thought it would be really good, but when I played it was hard to control and was full of really annoying invisible walls. Whenever I would do a good trick, it would reset me and send me back to the start because I went out of bounds. You are constricted to a very small trail littered with objects making it even smaller screwing up any tricks you land. The track is small and it gets old very fast. It had a lot of potential but it failed.


Controls are terrible. Trick system is awful. Can't control the bike in air. Just like every other one of these games it was a complete waste of money

Worst game I've ever played

The game doesn't have grinds fakies flairs or truck drivers (a 360 and barspin) is glitchy and is worth a free not known company's game.

Worst game a scam

This is a scam the bike is so hard to control btw the entire game is a road like what the heck and their are dumb invisible wall and stupid stuff that is in your way every hafe a second tricks are to hard and you can not even see the bike cuss it says put two fingers on the bike then you can't see the screen DOUNT BUY IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!

Could definitely be better

Guys this app has been the exact same for so long now I've gone from my iPhone 4 and having this game to having my iPhone 7 and seriously it's been years and it hasn't been changed. You have the perfect control set up just! And tricks! Just put it into a whole freestyle BMX park and be able to "Freestyle" the entire park!

Good quality game

I am too lazy to write a long review, I simply want to say that this game is worth buying. I am enjoying it to its fullest, and I'm not even into bicycling irl :)

Doesn't register

When you do a trick it doesn't turn or tail whip like you want it to

Good but...

So this game is really good and it got me into biking more! But the thing is how unrealistic it I'm going to do a backflip and I land on one wheel but I crash but you won't crash like that in real life! One time I did a fronts pin and landed perfectly on both wheels but still crashed! Even without any obstacles around me! So plz fix this!

Same person but please ad

Please ad free roam pretty please can you add free roam I would love to have free roam

So cool but be able to land fake

This is amazing but would be double the fun if you could land fakie


Good but plz make a "Touchgrind Scooter" game

Plz make a free roam

This games is awesome and all but you should make a free roam like skate 2 and plz make a scooter game

Not worth the money

This game is definitely not worth the money. I got another bmx game that was free and enjoyed it a lot more. I didn't have fun playing it.

Don't waste your money

On a crappy game that has horrible physics,graphics, and basically nothing fun👎


It's amazing I wish there was a free ride mode like ride around free like touchgrind skate

Great game

So fun I wish there was more maps to unlock but it was all worth the money

One thing

This game is good and it has a lot of potential but can you PLEASE make it be able to have a free roam mode like touch grind skate 2 does.


I am am doing a challeng 4 bar spins and it always goes to the white fadey thing whenever I do it DONT BUY



Plz read! Add mini bmx bikes

You guys need to really add mini bmx bikes that would make this game pretty awesome more people would buy and it's better for us and it's better for you


It's a little over priced but it's worth it


Please please please make a scooter game I don't care if it's 10$ I'll buy it

Great app

Awesome app. If u guys could just add FREEMODE please


Really fun game but need to come out with another

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