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Touchgrind bmx 2

Après touchgrind skate 2 on attend vraiment touchgrind bmx 2 ;) !!!!!


This game gets really frustrating but fun lol I accually rage quoted this game so many times


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So good Game i Love it but..

I wish it comes TG bmx 2 like TG Skate 2 3D and so on !! Like it very much


Complete waste of money but u should buy it anyways

Really good

Good but you should make a game about scootering and doing tricks with a scooter exactly like this game but with a scooter


Best game ever!!!

Show how to the tricks for longer


Loving it

I love the game but wish there was a free ride or free mode so you could just cruse around! Over all one of the best games I played so far


$4.99 for a game that never updates bring out some new levels or bikes! Waste of money! Never buying a illusions labs game again!

Fix it please

I really like the game but you need to do something about the one accomplishment on the first and third map that says "to ten jumps and do not crash" I do it all the time but I never get it.

Sweet upgrade

You should do a free world mode. A big skatepark where we can ride our bmx anywhere we want. I like the gameplay. The tricks are well done. Samuel Charbonneau


Great how about a scooter version



I whould like a refund

I whould like a refund this game is a rip off and you guys should offer a demo

Good game

4 and a half stars. I would def rate it 5 if the bike could land backwards. That would be awesome to do!!!


Best game ever but needs scooters

Needs update/ freestyle mode

Love the game but it really needs a freestyle mode... And also a update.. Ive been done the game for like 6 months now and Im getting really bored of it now..

i dont like it

there needs to be free roam.insteadyou can buy bikes with money you gain in the game or make levels easy add new bikes make challages easyer


I love this game it is so fun when u have nothing else to do. U can just play it and u will be hooked

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